from the people who did the leaks

These are old songs from Nicki that and I leaked. We leaked “Here & There (Girl You Bad)” last year on Friday the 13th (May 13, 2011). 

Nicki, I think, was originally on Plies’ “Put It On Ya”…that, or she remixed it. Datpiff wouldn’t allow us to put the whole song on there, so we only put Nicki’s parts on there.

"Bring It Back" & "Who Run This" are the oldest tracks. Both are from when she went by Nicki Maraj, instead of Minaj. We only put the acapella to "Who Run This" because the studio version is available on Angel Demar’s Myspace page for purchase (it’s also on my Youtube page-

"Letter To Lil’ Wayne" was either supposed to be on Suckafree or Beam Me Up Scotty. Most of the songs are from that 2008 to 2009 period.

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